Frequently Asked Questions

Revenue Model or Business Model

Initially, Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test Kits, Lateral Flow type.

Nor Zachy Fernandez & Dr Damien Lim.

Currently awaiting approval for use in Malaysia from MDA.

1. Cheap & Affordable
2. One of the highest accuracy
3. Govt are now open to proposals on endemic preparatory.

The need for affordable test kits is high in the region as the virus is spreading more.

Currently, accurate test kits are imported at a price of USD2-6 per kit. By establishing the plant, we can provide test kits at a price of USD1 for the public sector.

Current price point undercuts existing market pricing by 50%.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Currently we shall market via 2 channels
1. Via Pharmaniaga: Currently the biggest pharmaceutical company in Malaysia having contracts with all public healthcare facilities in Malaysia and the majority of the private facilities as well. Also has strong presence in Indonesia, Phillipines and Thailand as well.
2. Direct marketing: Direct marketing to several key customers. Those identified are SelCare & Hospital UiTM (public) and Sunway Medical (private)

Currently awaiting approval from MDA for use in Malaysia.

a. Partnership with Pharmaniaga for marketing & distribution for Malaysia, Indonesia & Phillipines
b. Direct sales with end customer (public & private)

Currently we are in the midst of contract & partnership negotiation with Pharmaniaga. Partnership can also be materialised after MDA gives approval for use.