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Nor Zachy Fernandez

Executive Director
  • +6012-252 6688
B.Eng Electrical & Electronics (Honors)
TEMS Cell Planning – Ericsson Academy Malaysia
MC09: Motorola BTSs – Motorola Training Services
Basic Optimization – Maxis Academy
SYS 02 : Database Parameters - Maxis Academy

Zachy is a trained Telecommunications Engineer. He spent his early career as a RF Engineer in local Telco operators & consultancies not just in Malaysia but also in Philippines, Indonesia & Thailand. He then started his own Telecommunication Consultancy firm in Malaysia in 2002. Today that company has offices not just in Malaysia but also in Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, servicing clients also in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia & Vietnam.

Zachy also ventured into renewable energy. His company has successfully patented a new fuel efficient way to generate small scale electricity. This company has recently came out of R&D and is now into commercialisation.

Apart from that, Zachy also founded an Artificial Intelligence big data analytics company. 1 year from inception, the company has gone regional, not only servicing clients in Malaysia but also in Indonesia & Australia.

Zachy was awarded Muslim-Malay Entrepreneur of the year in 2006 & 2007 by PUNB, a listed company under the Prime Minister’s Office to spearhead Muslim entrepreneurs growth in Malaysia.